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What sets us apart from the rest

A happy, beautiful smile makes a great first impression! At Schroeder Orthodontics, we love helping our patients achieve a great smile they’re proud to show off. Choosing to receive orthodontic treatment is an important decision and picking the right practice that meets your family’s needs is an essential aspect of your treatment experience.



Our mission is to care for our patients by providing them the highest quality, most efficient orthodontics available by a highly trained team, being committed to the schools & community in which we live, and constantly striving to make everything we do for them better every day

What sets us apart

5 reasons we’re different

1. Remote Monitoring - no need to come in to the practice!

Our orthodontic experts can straighten your teeth with personalized treatment via your smartphone, using the revolutionary Dental Monitoring App. Straighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home.

2. Virtual Consults - know your estimated treatment time before you step through the door!

At Schroeder Orthodontics, we understand our patients. Knowing how long your treatment may take is important to you! That's why we offer virtual consults - before you even step through the door to our practice, We can tell you all you need to know about having treatment, including your estimated treatment time.

What sets us apart

3. Our 3D Scanner - no more uncomfortable impressions!

No more goop, gagging, or discomfort. Using an iTero scanner, we take a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth and jaw. The new technology completely eliminates conventional tray and putty impressions.

4. In-house lab - get your retainer the same day!

Unlike other practices, we have our own orthodontic labratory on-site, meaning you don't have to wait to get your retainer. You can have it that very day you get your braces off.

What sets us apart

5. Expert Invisalign provider - anyone can have Invisalign!

Have you been told you can’t do Invisalign? Dr. Schroeder has and continues to treat the most complex and difficult cases that other dentists and orthodontists are unwilling to treat with Invisalign. By using the latest technology, Dr. Schroeder is able to customize a treatment plan to fit all of your needs.

6. 3D Printing - bringing advanced technology to your smile

Using our online CAD software and advanced imaging of your dental structure, we’re able to make precise molds, retainers and more for your teeth. This cuts back on wait times and helps us customize everything to your unique smile.

What sets us apart

We will address all concerns no matter how big or small

We’re always accepting new patients, and with two centrally located offices and flexible practice hours, we try to make your orthodontic treatment as convenient as possible. Contact our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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What sets us apart